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Going to JerusalemActs 21:1-16Adam Oellermann22/09/2015DownloadListen
An Outcry!Acts 21:17-36Adam Oellermann29/09/2015DownloadListen
A Dangerous GospelActs 21:37-22:22Adam Oellermann06/10/2015DownloadListen
Digging a Deeper HoleActs 22:23-23:11Adam Oellermann13/10/2015DownloadListen
Vindication Before AgrippaActs 25:23-26:32Adam Oellermann03/11/2015DownloadListen
The Journey to Rome BeginsActs 27:1-12Adam Oellermann10/11/2015DownloadListen
Storms and ShipwrecksActs 27:13-44Noel McCullins17/11/2015DownloadListen
God's Power on the JourneyActs 28:1-16Adam Oellermann24/11/2015DownloadListen
Finishing As He Meant to StartActs 28:17-32Jeff Emmott01/12/2015DownloadListen