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Prayer Course

A group of us are doing The Prayer Course 2, and each week the video and relevant resources will be posted here for us to share. It's not a requirement but some of us are also reading Pete Greig's book God on Mute which is a supplement to The Prayer Course 2, and so each week we'll post the relevant chapters of that book.

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Session 1: God on Mute - Engaging the Silence

29 July 2021

Video Link


  • God on Mute: Foreword
  • God on Mute: Introduction
  • God on Mute Chapter 1: Cappucino and the Cosmic Problem of Pain

For Next Time

  • God on Mute: Maundy Thursday
  • God on Mute Chapter 2: Confetti
  • God on Mute Chapter 3: Seeking Magic Fruit and Finding Tears
  • God on Mute Chapter 4: Into the Mystery
  • God on Mute Chapter 5: Naked Prayer
  • God on Mute Chapter 6: A Darker Trust